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jam naturopathics

A Full Service Optimal Health Facility.

We believe that there are multiple approaches, methods, and techniques that are efficacious for our clients (including children).  Upon completion of a detailed assessment and evaluation, our professional staff will present the approach best suited to the client's healing process from the eclectic selection of methods and techniques acquired through our vast and varied educational backgrounds and experiences.  Our goal is to provide our clients with the best resources and information available, to help them take responsibility for gaining and maintaining their optimal health and well-being.

One of the basic principles of human physiology is that the primary function of the human body is to Survive, Repair, and Reproduce.  Consequently, your body is always repairing "you", always healing you and striving to be the healthiest that it can.  This is its job.  Another physiological fundamental is that your level of health is determined by the reaction of your genetics, which is your inherited strength or inherited healing power, reacting with your lufestyle and living environment.  It is important to understand, whether you are healthy or diseased, that your body is ALWAYS doing the absolute best it possibly can to keep you healthy and alive.

Everyone has some inherited physical strengths and some inherited physical weaknesses.  We can look to our parents and their health and disease to see what illnesses may lie ahead for us.  We can expect a very similar pattern of health, disease and longevity as our parents.


If this modification of our environment is a negative health destroying influence, it can  decrease our resistance to disease and shorten our lifespan.  If we change our environment to a more positive health promoting influence, we can increase our resistance to disease and increase our lifespan.  A simple example are the people in their 50's with serious illnesses or disease, who have parents back in the old country or down on the farm who are still strong and healthy in their 80's and 90's.  These sick people had strong genetics but were meeting too much resistance to their inherited healing power from living the typical "American good life".

GENETICS is our possible potential,

but LIFESTYLE determines the results!

Every human body has a blueprint - a schematic of what perfect health is and is constantly cleaning and repairing itself to obtain the highest level of health possible.  So no matter what you inherited, your body is always doing "the best it can" to repair itself.  No matter how strong or weak you are disease and illness are only present when your body runs into more resistance than it has the capability of dealing with.  This resistance or friction consists of accumulated toxins and waste caused by the body's inability to process, detoxify and remove it "as fast as you are consuming it." This can be caused by an improper food program, not getting enough nutrition, and eating too much junk food.  It can also be attributed to a lack of exercise, which hinders waste removal, from negative emotional patterns, and from a faulty, unhealthy lifestyle.

Disease begins when your body gets overloaded with waste from an unhealthy lifestyle and it cannot flush, detoxify, and repair you fast enough. Health can be recovered simply by slowing down the attack of life destroying habits until it falls below your inherited strength level and healing ability.

When you slow down the attack, below your body's healing ability level, your body will respond by beginning to heal itself.  Your disease will go into remission, reverse, and you will begin to get well.  Creating a disease often takes focused, dedicated work, you have to work hard at making yourself sick.  Healing yourself is often just a matter of slowing your self destructing habits below a certain level, in other words, getting out of your body's way and letting it do its primary job of REPAIR and HEALING. This simple cure may be a radical thought to some, but it is what happens when people stop killing themselves and start just a few "healthy habits".

Advanced or Aggressive Healing is not only getting out of your body's way by STOPPING  what made you sick in the first place, but also by STARTING to incorporate healthy habits into your life.  In doing so your body responds very quickly.

Sure, your medical doctor can put 20 dollar names to a million different diseases, but there is really only one physiological cause and one simple cure.  This is why for decades, Naturopaths and other natural healers see their clients able to heal every disease known with simple broad spectrum natural healing programs.

Most foods today have been genetically altered, irradiated, over-processed and refined, tainted with pesticides, hormones, preservatives and chemicals.  We are all exposed daily to polluted air and water.  Our work and living environments contain radiation, microwaves, metal toxicity, (dental fillings) and an overabundance of electromagnetic frequencies.  Because of all these reasons and more, many people have become sensitive to their environment.  This toxic pollution often shows up as metal toxicity, chemical sensitivities, and/or food sensitivities.

Some of the symptoms of toxicity that many people suffer with include:  headaches, skin rashes, fatigue, joint pain, depression, poor concentration or memory, a compromised immune system, and numerous gastrointestinal complaints.  With computer-aided software, recommendations can be made utilizing homeopathic remedies, botanicals and nutritional supplements to detoxify and remove sensitivities by naturally stimulating the immune system.

Our focus and objective is to induce a state of balanced health and harmony in the body through the use of the many hands-on therapies, non-cognitive biofeedback stress evaluation and various nutritional and supplemental counseling programs available at our facility.  The personalized programs developed for each individual client teaches the client how to rebuild his/her own health through the effective use of hands-on therapies, lifestyle modification, pollution avoidance, clean air, pure water, proper foods and supplements, rest, exercise, meditation, goal orientation, positive mental attitudes and stress reduction techniques that affect over-all health. 

Our professional staff is skilled in the following naturopathic therapies:   Non-Cognitive BioFeedback Stress Evaluation, Life Style & Nutritional Counseling, Optimal Health Maintenance, Reflex Therapy, Carter Technique for Lymphatic Drainage, Spinal Orthopathic Syndesmobilization (SOS), Homeopathy, Botanical & Nutraceutical Remedies, CranioSacral Therapy, Myofacial Release, Strain/CounterStrain, Therapeutic Touch, Neuromusculat Reeducation, Bowen Therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Relaxation or Clinical Swedish Massage.


JAM Naturopathics
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